Change Log MovieFlvPlayer

More info about MovieFlvPlayer for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ over here.

Release Notes 2.2.0

– Fixed OS 2.0 swipe

Release Notes 2.1.0

– Added random play for playlist

Release Notes 2.0.0

– Added support for all folders (photos, downloads, documents, …)
– Create your own playlist!

Release Notes 1.1.1

– Fixed bug showing/hiding player controls

Release Notes 1.1.0

– Found a semi fix for files that are bigger than 700MB or some files that are stored in the same dir:   they are still not showing. Ref: Not 1 file manager is able to show big files. Please RIM have a look at   File , getDirectoryListing()
– Added a FullScreen view

Release Notes 1.0.2

– Added F4V support

Release Notes 1.0.1

– Enjoy FLV support on your playbook!