MovieFlvPlayer for BlackBerry PlayBook



Flv Support for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Play your favorite flash videos on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™!
The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ can not directly play Flash videos (FLV or F4V) saved on the device.
This player allows playing Flash videos (FLV or F4V) stored in the ‘videos’ directory.


– Put your favorite .flv movie file or clip in your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ ‘videos’ folder
(ex: Z:\videos\The_Hitchhiker’s_Guide_To_The_Galaxy.flv)
– Launch MovieFlvPlayer
– Use the ZOOM icons to remove the black borders on top and bellow
– Create your own playlist (from 2.0.0)


If you want to get rid of the menu while watching the movie, just use your finger to swipe from the top panel down to the screen midway and the menu will disappear leaving your with an unobstructed view of the movie.

Change Log

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  1. Steve says:

    Application is in approval stage, so available soon!


  2. Steve says:

    Application available for download :

    Next UPDATE : .F4V Support
    Temporary workaround : rename your .F4V file to .FLV

  3. Kay says:

    From experience of other buyers, it freezes when ffwd or rewd a track. With others, it doesn’t show up when flv files are copied into video folders. Full screen button is also needed. How would you address these?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Kay, thanks for the info,
      About freezing when the files are big: that’s I known problem and now I understand why there’s no flv support in the default player … I’m working on a solution for that … Actually, it doesn’t freeze but once the flv is bigger than 10 minutes it takes a long time to ffwd. Getting back in time is no problem because that chunk of data is buffered. Working on it!
      Full Screen button: No problem, next update
      Big files (from +/- 800MB) that don’t show up, yeah .. that’s an OS problem … (read ) Not 1 playbook file manager (out of 4 I know) can solve that problem .. there’s a big problem with the playbook API .. I hoped they would have solved it after previous updates but apparently not .. I found a workaround for the MovieSrtPlayer but I’m still stuck with it in the MovieFlvPlayer … When your files are smaller than +/- 800 MB there should be no problem. Conclusion: if the file doesn’t show up in a playbook file manager it won’t show up in the MovieFlvPlayer .. But I’m searching for a workaround as I did find one for the MovieSrtPlayer … Or lets hope next OS update will solve that problem automatically (even without upgrading your current MovieFlvPlayer). It’s a work in progress… Be assured .. some more and better updates will be available soon!

  4. Holger says:

    Thanks for this great App! It saves me hours of work. I have about 80 videos from different video learning courses I want to take with me on my playbook, and this player is great! Thanks so much! I’d even pay 10 USD instead of 1 for this and still be very happy.
    As another feature request for future versions: Choosing directories / sub directories for which videos to load would be great. With video courses with a lot of files, navigation can get tricky otherwise.

    • Steve says:

      Cool, where’s the like button lol. About the navigator .. There’s still a big problem with the playbook operation system. I’m going to wait till the next OS update because all files > +/-800mb are not available for developers. But I’ll continue tweaking the App!

  5. omar says:

    i have just bought your app i really like it… but somehow i cannot get rid of the menu… itried swiping downward from multiple positions. i am using os
    thanks for any advice

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the info! There are some issues with the unofficial 2,0 version but I’m working on it! Expect an update in February :))

  6. Jim says:

    I love this app. There is a problem in the 2.0 playbook upgrade the menu no longer disappears by a up swipe

  7. Navlakhi says:

    Downloaded o’s 2 but full screen stopped working,great app, please sort out urgently!

  8. Sthnm says:

    This player is. Not working in. OS. 2. Please do a update. It was working in Os 1.
    Thank you.

  9. Sthnm says:

    Cool steve that you have already sent an update of the app. Waiting for its approval. Thanks for fast response.

  10. Sal says:

    Fullscreen,menu remove not working since os2 for playbook downloaded.Fantastic app otherwise.Please sort out urgently,thanks

  11. Luis says:

    I bought your app and it is amazing, I love it, but since I updated todo 2.0 I cant seem to make the menu disapear. Is there anything I can do? I have the latest version


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