Change Log MovieSrtPlayer

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Release Notes 2.0.0

– Added .MKV support

Release Notes 1.7.7

– Added Bulgarian font
– Minor GUI fixes
– Minor fix jumping to last saved movie location

Release Notes 1.7.5

– Update Turkish Font
– Remembers the position on movies … Movie continues where you last stopped viewing.

Release Notes 1.7.4

– Subtitles didn’t always appear on startup
– Added Turkish and Arabic fonts
– Read important instructions UTF-8 =>

Release Notes 1.7.3

– Improved File Selection interface
– Minor BugFixes

Release Notes 1.7.2

– Support files bigger 1GB
– Files can be placed in any shared folder now

Release Notes 1.7

– Possibility to synchronize the subs (faster or slower)
– Polish font added

Release Notes 1.6

– Added zoom control

Release Notes 1.4

– Positions of the controls are saved now
– Cyrillic font support

Release Notes 1.3

– support for subfolder browsing

Release Notes 1.2

– minor GUI adaptations
– movieclip automatically continues on swipe down

Release Notes 1.1

– Enjoy SRT subtitle support on your playbook!

MovieSrtPlayer for BlackBerry PlayBook